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If you’re currently using ARA (Anterior Repositioning Appliance) therapy to treat your patients, keep reading.  Our custom software, TMJ Draw, uses the images created by an SMV x-ray and a tomograph to determine the condyle angle, cut plane and cephalograph positions needed to construct an accurate appliance.

 The tomograph is used to determine the condyle offset in order to reposition the jaw properly and create the appliance to fit!

 This non-invasive TMJ procedure involves using several x-rays and tomograph to determine the exact angle and size of the patient’s condyles.  Using the tracing program built into the software the dentist then traces the condyles existing position on the x-ray and moves it to where the dentist believes it should be.  Those measurements are then recorded by the software and used to adjust the manual or automatic articulator to align the jaw in its proper location.  Molds are taken before and after the procedure.  An appliance is then created for the patient to wear that will force the jaw into its correct position.  After a time, the muscles have stretched and realigned to the new jaw placement.  The solution then is to add caps to the bottom rear teeth to match the appliance.

 TMJ Draw is:

 Tomograph Image· Much faster than the old outdated ways of measuring

· Much more accurate

· Integrates with existing EMR programs

· Able to see more patients; increasing your revenues

· Affordable with a high ROI


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