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Product Description

ROMTech software is specifically designed to give healthcare practitioners and insurance specialists a means to objectively chart a patient’s recovery progress. Starting with the initial evaluation the software measures a patient’s joint range of motion, compares it to the AMA standards for that particular joint, and stores the information in the patient database. Each time a patient comes in for an evaluation that data is added to the database for comparison to all previous visits. This information is used to determine when a patient reaches maximum medical improvement and would not benefit from any additional treatment.

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Benefits of using ROMTech!

Reproducible – sensors need only be placed on the boney landmarks of the proximal and distal segments of the joint to be measured. Precise placement is not necessary as the alignment process takes care of inconsistencies. No lengthy setup or calibration.

Objective – initial and subsequent testing can be performed by technicians. This allows the Doctor to spread out his/her time across more patients. Having an easy to use system that provides objective data to the Doctor without their involvement is a cost savings in and of itself.

Measurable – by comparing a patient’s joint range of motion to the American Medical Associations standard for range of motion ensures the data is not exposed to subjective diagnosis.

  • The improved measurements made available with ROMTech leads to improved diagnostic evaluations and interim assessments and helps focus treatment to maximize outcome potential. The impact of treatment in restoring ROM can guide treatment, allowing the most efficient and complete trajectory toward maximum medical improvement.
  •  Precise determination of functional capacity and ROM helps to insure optimal treatment and reliable impairment ratings. Widespread clinical access to such powerful technology enhances the quality and breath of treatment that can be offered to patients.
  • Patients, clinicians, insurers, and third party providers can feel comfortable that determinations derived from ROMTech are unimpeachable. Simply stated, ROMTech improves initial diagnoses, ongoing assessments of pathology and treatment successes, as well as final determinations of outcome and residual impairment.
  • ROMTech is particularly suited to help clinicians diagnose and defend worker compensation claims with respect to impaired range of motion.
  • Current ADL guidelines along with a ROMTech analysis will provide clinicians a better overall picture of a patient’s condition. By applying their consensus derived estimate of the severity of the patient’s condition along with the objective data collected by ROMTech a truer impairment rating can be quoted.
  • ROMTech provides evidence based objective analysis of a patient’s range of motion.

Payors many times refuse coverage for certain procedures and equipment currently in use by clinicians because until now (with ROMTech) there hasn’t been an objective way of demonstrating that the equipment or procedure has had the desired effect on the patient.

So why should I buy ROMTech?

  •  Increasing pressure by payors to demonstrate objectively “medical necessity” as a precondition for treatment and reimbursement. ü Payors are increasingly requiring real-time “patient status reports” as a condition for authorizing new, or ongoing medical treatments, physical therapy and rehabilitative services.
  • Many Payors, including state and federal governments, are adopting “Pay for Performance” models of reimbursement that financially reward providers for demonstrating positive clinical and economic outcomes.
  • Workers Compensation costs and claims have become an ever-increasing burden for employers and employee fraud and abuse of benefits continues unabated. As a result, employers are desperate to find any means possible to empirically measure the physical capabilities of an injured employee.
  • ROMTech evaluation is quick, economical and easy to use.

ROMTech is the answer to all of these potential issues. The concept of evidence based medical practice (EBP) has taken hold among both payors and providers of healthcare services in general and rehabilitative services in particular. The application of EBP marks a dramatic shift among health care professionals from a traditional emphasis on actions based on the opinions of authorities to guide clinical practice to an emphasis on data-based, clinically relevant studies and research. ROMTech is the only product in the rehabilitative marketplace that can actually support the application of EBP in the realm of rehabilitative services. The financial and clinical benefit of this advancement can’t be over-stated.


Competitive Advantages

Despite the complexity, competition, and reimbursement barriers of the existing healthcare system, the ROMTech product successfully addresses the 3 key criteria for marketplace success:

  • 1. Reducing Unnecessary/Inappropriate Costs – Any new healthcare technology or service introduced in the current healthcare environment will inevitably receive the scrutiny of every private or governmental payor in the market. Cost will not be simply measured by the nominal price per procedure but payors will also examine closely the potential volume of procedures that might be performed. In addition, payors will also take into account any potential savings that might be produced by the application of this new technology. Payors are particularly focused on those emerging technologies that serve to reduce unnecessary utilization, inappropriate diagnostic procedures, and generates valuable clinical data.
  • 2. Improving Quality – While payors are far more focused on cost than quality, provider and patient acceptance will be directly related to the qualitative improvements derived from the use the ROMTech product. From the payors perspective, their willingness to embrace ROMTech will be enhanced by the demonstrable clinical improvements in patient outcomes; particularly if these outcomes lead to the avoidance of more expensive therapies.
  • 3. Enhancing Access – Many states have regulatory requirements in place that make it prohibitive for many providers to acquire certain technologies, notwithstanding their widespread acceptance in the medical community. In addition, most if not all providers that are active today are being financially squeezed with each passing month. The ROMTech product will be very attractive to payors and providers given its limited capital requirements and low operational costs. With payor support and acceptance, this would create strong demand among providers and history has shown that any new healthcare technology that is successfully introduced will create its own demand.






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