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E-Factor Product Page

What is E-Factor?

E-Factor is a software program that captures and evaluates biomechanical efficiency in sports motion, exercise technique, running, or other physical activity.

Motion capture has become a valuable tool in evaluating and improving biomechanics and technique. E-Factor takes it significantly farther by identifying physical limitations that are causing or will cause pain or injury and adversely impact biomechanics and technique. This information is used to recommend an exercise or treatment program to reduce the risk of injury, provide more effective rehabilitation and improve performance.

How is E-Factor different from other motion capture systems?

The majority of motion capture systems on the market today are video or camera based. While they are excellent tools, the more affordable systems still only offer a subjective view of the athlete’s motion. E-Factor is a truly objective tool.

  • E-Factor uses sensors placed on the body to capture actual positional change as the individual moves. The measurements generated by the hardware used are accurate to within 1/10th of 1 degree and 1/100th of a millimeter.
  •  E-Factor can generate an EFI Report within minutes of capturing the motion data. The report includes the EFI Score (EFI = Efficiency Factor Impact) and an analysis breakdown of key factors in the motion.
  •  E-Factor is completely portable and can be set up in a matter of minutes.

E-Factor provides real time, comprehensive information that can be reviewed by your Doctor., Physical Therapist, Chiropractor, or Personal Trainer. E-Factor Eliminates Guesswork by providing solutions for preventing injuries

  • identifying physical limitations
  • diagnosing pre-existing injuries related to biomechanics
  • improving physical performance Content
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