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Business Services

Are you a startup looking for help or a grizzled veteran looking to bounce ideas off of someone?!

RoughEdge Business Services can help!  We specialize in helping the small business owner increase their profits, exposure and marketing reach and penetration.  Our hands-on intensive approach accents the busy entrepreneur with little time to research every possible service we offer.  We are a one stop shop for the busy business owner and management staff.

Our wide range of services include business plan design, marketing strategy/plans and product rollout analysis.  We also provide a full range of internet services including web design, search engine optimization, blog and social media marketing.  With our in-house artists we can create a coordinated corporate identity and vertical look and feel for your company.

Maybe you're already in business and just need assistance with one of our services.  Never to late to ask!  Join the social media revolution.  We can help!  Need an web/desktop application to take your business to the next level?  We can help! 

New business owners check out these services:

  • Company creation assistance - choosing which is the best form of company to start for you and your product or service
    • Business plan creationCustom App Image
    • Business plan review
    • Introduction to funding basics
    • Public or private?
  • Setting up corporate structures including:
    • Accounting
    • Corporate governance
    • Business process analysis
    • Tax and payroll setup
  • Marketing
    • Create marketing strategy
    • Product rollout specialists
    • Social media
    • Website creation
  • Corporate Identity
    • Business cards, logos, letterhead, etc
    • Advertising specialty services
  • Integrated Business Application
    • Why settle for what's out there -- customize your own business application

We're waiting to speak with you!  Contact us today!







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