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Essential Series Starts on WinPhone

March 2011

Essential Series


RoughEdge Software launches it first in a series of educational apps for the Windows Phone 7 marketplace called Essential Organic Chemistry Flashcards.  With over 1000 flashcards, Orgo Chem answers the call for an easy to use, versatile and customizable program covering Orgo I and II.  Soon to be out for the droid!


RoughEdge launches first app series

Essential Business  RatiosRoughEdge software launches a new mobile app series entitled the "Essential" series. The first app release for the WinPhone7 is Essential Business Ratios.  Essential Business ratios give the user 70+ business ratios and 75+ financial definitions.  Look for it on Windows Marketplace.  Click here if you already have Zune.


RoughEdge at Arizona State University

January, 2011

ASU Logo  Aaron Pines, President of RoughEdge Software is set to speak at the ASU Innovation Challenge.  A valued contributor to local businesses through mentoring utilizing social capital, Mr Pines is excited to share his knowledge and experience with up-and-coming entreprenuers.



About Us

In the Beginning:

RoughEdge Software was originally started as a way for the founders to aggregate talent and share competencies to develop PC based video games. This allowed them the freedom to develop the kinds of games that interested them and which they wanted to build and play. It quickly became apparent that not only were they interested in building games, but also in solving problems. The group set out to identify problems that plague various industries and develop far reaching solutions through the use of technology and innovation.

The Growing Years:

The early years have been spent developing solutions for the medical and sports medicine industries. Recognizing the growing number of athletes who are injured or become injured due to repetitive stress injuries, RoughEdge Software believes the solution lies in the athletes body itself. If the athlete can be trained to use their body more efficiently, they wouldn't be tempted to put as much stress on their body to achieve the same results, thus the birth of E-Factor.

RoughEdge Medical

While developing E-Factor, it was observed that Orthopedic Doctors, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors and the like were still using archaic technology to measure a patient’s range of motion. While there were a great deal of modern appliances to measure range of motion, there was no clear consensus as to one being better than another. All had a similar flaw; the results could not be accurately reproduced from one doctor's office to the next. ROMTech and its predecessor Fit-Factor were created to take advantage of the latest in motion capture technology and unparalleled accuracy, while focusing on reproducible results.  We continue to develop technology in this space with advent of Ortho-e.  Ortho-e will allow doctors to conduct range-of-motion (ROM) tests via the new and upcoming telemedicine standard.  Ortho-e is the only product currently in production to provide this sort of examination.

RoughEdge Dental

A wife of one of the founders suffered from TMD (Temporomandibular joint and muscle disorder), which is often identified with a lack of range of motion of the jaw. The afflicted endure sometimes painful jaw popping and grinding. While visiting the dentist and discovering the procedure he used to treat TMD, we identified a way to take the very intensive, very subjective way the doctor went about the procedure and automate it. Not only automate it, but took much of the subjectivity out of the process, while increasing meaningful time with the patient and productivity.

RoughEdge Gaming

Our first published game KuBus, has become a hit among academia and critical thinkers.  It's challenging game play and almost infinite levels provides hundreds of hours of enjoyment.  From its many modes of play to its striking graphics, the reviews have been been nothing but encouraging and insightful.  RoughEdge is currently in production of two other games due to be released by summer 2011. 

RoughEdge Business

RoughEdge is currently working on two business applications to add to its core group of products.  As we're able to release more information about them you'll want to current; join our RSS feed or review our blog. 

The Future:

RoughEdge software is looking to the future, investigating the latest in technology and adapting ways to enhance its current offering while looking for new opportunities and problems to solve. We haven't given up on gaming to be sure; we have however broadened our outlook and scope and will continue to push the envelope of thought and process. After all we are the place where innovation meets reality...

Team Bio:

personel bio pic Aaron Pines - President/CEO/Founder (Screen name: Daytr8dr): After working almost 13 years in Wall Street as a stock broker, Aaron along with Jason and Zack founded RoughEdge out of their passion to develop software games they wanted to play.  Aaron is also the former President and CEO of JZZ Technologies, Inc a publically traded company on the Over The Counter (OTC) market.  A serial entrepreneur Aaron has created, developed and sold many successful business ventures throughout the last 23 years.  Aaron holds a Degree in Finance from Dakota State University and an MBA from Ashford University.  He is very active in his community and is a consistent financial contributor and volunteer to local schools,  and sports organizations as well as local civic and governmental agencies.
personel bio pic Jason Bodine - Software Architect/Founder (Screen name: JDog):

Jason graduated Penn State with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering. He has over 20 years of experience in writing software and over 9 years of experience specifically in the biomechanical analysis area. He has been writing computer software since around 1987.

personel bio pic Zack Leonardo - Artist/Founder (Screen Name: Davinci):

A true one of kind. A diamond in the Rough! We are lucky to have Zack on our team. His artistic talents can be seem on almost all of our products including this website.

personel bio pic Rhonda Pines - Chief Operations Officer (Screen name: msdaytr8dr):

Rhonda is our Chief Operations Officer, the grease behind the wheels. Without her, operations would not run as smooth and efficiently as it does. She brings her vast experience in accounting and problem solving abilities to bear while always having time to play test our latest title. Her gamer tag, while in jest, sometimes suits her.

personel bio pic Rita Nelson - Comptroller (Screen name: Assethound):

With over 35 years of experience in corporate accounting we are very satisfied that our books are in good hands. Rita has been helping company's be successful long before computers even existed.







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