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Essential Series Starts on WinPhone

March 2011

Essential Series


RoughEdge Software launches it first in a series of educational apps for the Windows Phone 7 marketplace called Essential Organic Chemistry Flashcards.  With over 1000 flashcards, Orgo Chem answers the call for an easy to use, versatile and customizable program covering Orgo I and II.  Soon to be out for the droid!


RoughEdge launches first app series

Essential Business  RatiosRoughEdge software launches a new mobile app series entitled the "Essential" series. The first app release for the WinPhone7 is Essential Business Ratios.  Essential Business ratios give the user 70+ business ratios and 75+ financial definitions.  Look for it on Windows Marketplace.  Click here if you already have Zune.


RoughEdge at Arizona State University

January, 2011

ASU Logo  Aaron Pines, President of RoughEdge Software is set to speak at the ASU Innovation Challenge.  A valued contributor to local businesses through mentoring utilizing social capital, Mr Pines is excited to share his knowledge and experience with up-and-coming entreprenuers.



Our Services

Software Design Services

RoughEdge Software provides software design solutions for custom Windows applications.  Our primary goal is to deliver the specific functionality required to make your tasks more efficient.  We can provide guidance for you at any stage of development from concept to golden.  With over fifteen years of experience developing commercial software solutions, our staff has the expertise required to make your idea a reality.

Graphic Design Services

RoughEdge Software provides 3D graphic design services including animation, rigging, skinning, full body motion and more.  We have our own MOCAP system for hire, as well as capturing custom motion.  We have the latest in software technology and can act as a staff augmentation resource for larger projects.  Our artists classically trained artist have over 10 years of experience working on commercial grade projects.

Website Design Services

RoughEdge Software can help design and build your web presence.  From the very basic template sites, to the more complex customer data, commerce driven sites we can handle it all.  Contact us for your free consultation.

Business Services

RoughEdge Software not only deals in software, we share our business resources as well.  Our services include business plan creation and review, financial analysis, marketing and marketing analysis, bookkeeping and basic accounting services to contract creation and negotiation.  Our business managers have extensive experience in the specific areas in which they have domain.  All are either MBA graduates or have obtained necessary experience and certification to be considered experts in their field.






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