Essential Series Starts on WinPhone

March 2011

Essential Series


RoughEdge Software launches it first in a series of educational apps for the Windows Phone 7 marketplace called Essential Organic Chemistry Flashcards.  With over 1000 flashcards, Orgo Chem answers the call for an easy to use, versatile and customizable program covering Orgo I and II.  Soon to be out for the droid!


RoughEdge launches first app series

Essential Business  RatiosRoughEdge software launches a new mobile app series entitled the "Essential" series. The first app release for the WinPhone7 is Essential Business Ratios.  Essential Business ratios give the user 70+ business ratios and 75+ financial definitions.  Look for it on Windows Marketplace.  Click here if you already have Zune.


RoughEdge at Arizona State University

January, 2011

ASU Logo  Aaron Pines, President of RoughEdge Software is set to speak at the ASU Innovation Challenge.  A valued contributor to local businesses through mentoring utilizing social capital, Mr Pines is excited to share his knowledge and experience with up-and-coming entreprenuers.


WinPhone 7 Mobile Apps

Essential Business Ratios

Essential Business Ratios

Designed for the Windows Phone 7 user who is looking for financial ratios at their fingertips.  With 70+ business ratios and over 75 financial term definitions Essential Business Ratios is the tool you won't be able to live without.

Take a look at thef ollowing screenshots.  You can download Essential Business Ratios today using your Windows Phone or from Zune! 

Essential Business Ratios Screen 1 Essential Business Ratios Screen 2 Essential Business Ratios Screen 3 Essential Business Ratios Screen 4 Essential Business Ratios Screen 5

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AL-EE-OOP is a great game for both kids and adults alike with hours and hours of gameplay. Two shipwrecked sailors stranded on an island.  By building a springboard out of wood planks and stone, the two are able to reach the food and supplies that dangle overhead.  Using the phones accelerometer, by tilting it back and forth, the player moves the springboard across the screen to catch the jumpers as they fall back to earth.   There are 20 challenging levels which get progressively harder with each new unlock.  Get three stars at each level?  You are the AL-EE-OOP champion!  Challenge your friends and family to see if they can do the same. 

Aleeoop screen shots

Aleeoop Splash Aleeoop Screenshot 1 Aleeoop Screenshot 2 Aleeoop Screenshot 3 Aleeoop Screenshot 4

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Organic Chemistry Flash Cards 

Organic Chemistry Flashcards is the newest addition to the “Essential Series” of applications created by RoughEdge Software.  This app is the most comprehensive Organic Chemistry flashcard application available for the WinPhone with over 1000 flashcards covering Organic Chemistry I & II.  Over 300 molecular structure and reaction cards are also included.  The ability to customize decks and utilize keyword searches rounds out the outstanding features of this application.   

Features include:

Keyword search – search all 1000+ cards using a keyword

Customized decks – create custom decks and add, delete or move any card from any custom deck.

Create custom decks from keyword searches.

Trial Mode:

9 sample topics and 36 sample cards

Topics included:

Acids & Bases Additions and Mechanisms Alcohol and Thiols Alkanes and Cycloalkanes
Alkenes Alkyl Halides Amino Acids Aromatics
Carbohydrates Carboxylic Acids Definitions Elimination Reactions and Mechanisms
Esters Ethers NMR Spectroscopy IR & UV Stereochemistry
Nomenclature Orgo Basics Properties Reactions
Rearrangement Reactions and Mechanisms Substitution Reactions and Mechanisms Types of Organic Molecules and Functional Groups Types of Reactions and Mechanisms
Name this structure      

Organic Chemistry Screen Shot Organic Chemistry Screen Shot 2 Organic Chemistry Screen Shot 3 Organic Chemistry Screen Shot 4 Organic Chemistry Screen 4

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Stay tuned for new releases!




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