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Essential Series Starts on WinPhone

March 2011

Essential Series


RoughEdge Software launches it first in a series of educational apps for the Windows Phone 7 marketplace called Essential Organic Chemistry Flashcards.  With over 1000 flashcards, Orgo Chem answers the call for an easy to use, versatile and customizable program covering Orgo I and II.  Soon to be out for the droid!


RoughEdge launches first app series

Essential Business  RatiosRoughEdge software launches a new mobile app series entitled the "Essential" series. The first app release for the WinPhone7 is Essential Business Ratios.  Essential Business ratios give the user 70+ business ratios and 75+ financial definitions.  Look for it on Windows Marketplace.  Click here if you already have Zune.


RoughEdge at Arizona State University

January, 2011

ASU Logo  Aaron Pines, President of RoughEdge Software is set to speak at the ASU Innovation Challenge.  A valued contributor to local businesses through mentoring utilizing social capital, Mr Pines is excited to share his knowledge and experience with up-and-coming entreprenuers.



“It is my hope that professional baseball will start to embrace this technology soon to help curb the number of injuries to pitchers. I strongly urge each and everyone reading this to take a critical look before you embark on any other program. As I stated earlier, as a coach, ”we can only see what we can see”, E-Factor adds another important dimension and information in our quest to provide the best information to our athletes.”

Brent Strom St Louis Cardinals Pitching Coach

“I am excited about the opportunity that E-Factor presents in the development of a convenient product that will analyze athletes through technology. This type of detailed feedback will be instrumental in strength and skill development for softball players. Perhaps most important of all, through this technology, we will be able to guide athletes to avoid physical injury through improper movements. Additionally, the product will be able to help already injured athletes to understand exactly why the injury occurred and how to avoid re-injury. In the sport of softball, this is ground breaking!”

Cheri Kempf Owner of Club K and Commissioner of National Pro Fastpitch League

“Baseball is the greatest game ever invented. It is also a very old game, and the art of pitching as we know it has been around for over 100 years. While the trains that transported old ballplayers from town to town has been replaced with modern private jets, the way we evaluate and develop pitchers has been stalled since… Until today! E-Factor combines the modern tools with great pitching knowledge to create a revolutionary method to increase the ability, endurance, mechanical proficiency and ultimately your results as a pitcher. My personal experience with this program has been remarkable; I was recovering from shoulder tendonitis and a torn labrum when I started the program. The system identified the parts of my mechanics that were causing stress to my shoulder, and gave me a personalized workout program to reduce my chances of getting hurt again. After working on the program for three months and working on my mechanics according to the suggestions of the computer analysis I am pitching at the college level with no pain and a good deal of success. I recommend this program to anyone who is interested in becoming a better pitcher, and even more so, I can personally attest to the fact that this system is ideal for pitchers who have been having arm problems. I can assure you, that E-Factor plus dedication and hard work create success.”

Jorge Dryjanski Southwestern College Baseball

"It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I become a part of this scientific breakthrough in evaluating, measuring, and training athletes. With this revolutionary new equipment we are witnessing a seismic shift in understanding how the human body actually functions and performs. This seismic shift will trigger a worldwide "Training and Performance Tsunami" for brilliant and record breaking human performances!"

Dean Brittenham Former Director for the Center of Developmental Athleticism Scripps Clinic




Signature Products


    E-factor pitching imageE-Factor is a software program that captures and evaluates biomechanical efficiency in sports motion, exercise technique, running, or other physical activity. Motion capture has become a valuable tool in evaluating and improving biomechanics and technique. E-Factor takes it significantly farther by identifying physical limitations that are causing or will cause pain or injury and adversely impact biomechanics and technique. This information is used to recommend an exercise or treatment program to reduce the risk of injury, provide more effective rehabilitation and improve performance.



    ROMTech software is specifically designed to give healthcareROMTech splash screen practitioners and insurance specialists a means to objectively chart a patient’s recovery progress. Starting with the initial evaluation the software measures a patient’s joint range of motion, compares it to the AMA standards for that particular joint, and stores the information in the patient database. Each time a patient comes in for an evaluation that data is added to the database for comparison to all previous visits.

    This information is used to determine when a patient reaches maximum medical improvement and would not benefit from any additional treatment.



    The product is an original software creation by RoughEdge Software, LLC. Tomograph x-rayThe software has been created to computerize the laborious task of marking up dental x-rays by hand. Using the mathematical schema created by Dr. Enrico Divito (the doctor), RoughEdge Software, LLC has created TMJ Draw. The software uses vector math and complex geometry to determine the condyle angle (ABC), cut plane (DEF) and (XYZ). The user picks six points which they pick by selecting them on the actual x-ray. The software then creates the lines and calculations that are needed to accurately determine the angles in degrees and cut plane in mm for the second tomograph.




    Latest web app from RoughEdge


    Online Protractor  ***NEW***

    Due to numerous requests you can now buy Online Protractor! Click the "Buy" button you'll be taken to paypal and then a download screen.


    You can still use the online protractor for free by clicking the link below.

    Educators, researchers, clinicians, and more will appreciate our latest online tool.  Introducing RES Online Protractor.  Measure any angle you would with a normal protractor.  Its transparent design allows the user to overlay it over any picture, video, graphic, you name it.  Run it right from this page, click this LINK to start it now.

    Online Protractor

    System requirements:  Windows XP or newer & .NET3.5 Framework

    If you are having trouble running this program its most likely because you did not install .NET 3.5 framework.  Click link above to download it.

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